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  • No Win No Fee
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No Win No Fee Specialists – Had a whiplash accident that wasn’t your fault?

If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, we’ll help you get the compensation you deserve. We have been helping people claim for injury since 1998. We provide no obligation help and advice and if you choose to make a claim with us, we will deal with everything for you.

We have a 3 Step whiplash claims process:-

  • Fill in our online claim form (takes 30 seconds)
  • Speak to a friendly whiplash claim solicitor (takes a couple of minutes)
  • Relax, your potential claim is being investigated by some experienced accident claim solicitors

The first step in any whiplash claim is to determine exactly whether or not you have a whiplash injury.

What happens when I make a Whiplash Compensation Claim? (if my case meets the requirements?)

Your details will be passed on to a specialist whiplash compensation claims solicitor, who will then get back to you to speak to you about the circumstances of the incident.

Can I Claim for whiplash compensation?

If it meets our criteria Yes. So long as the whiplash injury took place in the last 3 years and the injury was not your fault, it helps if you have some form of medical proof.

What is the average whiplash compensation payout?

Whiplash payouts are variable depending on the circumstances of the accident and the nature of the injury itself. You can find out the value of your compensation claim by using our whiplash claims calculator.

So how do you claim compensation for whiplash?

Making contact with a whiplash compensation claims facilitator like us here at, who can facilitate the process of your whiplash compensation claim as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, once they have decided whether or not the claim is valid. Once you fill in our 30 second online enquiry form, your details will travel to our control panel, and one of our associates will phone you back at the time you specified on the form. These reputable and expert agents can then investigate quickly and get back to you to let you know what can be done next.

Once your case has been investigated, you will then be advised on whether or not you have a viable claim for whiplash.

Even if you are unsure about whether or not you have a case you will have nothing to lose by enquiring about making a whiplash claim. Our associates work on a no win no fee basis, so you can be sure that you will not have to pay legal fees should you lose.

How long does the average whiplash compensation claim take?

This can vary between cases it partly depends on how long it takes to gather the evidence for your claim, also there are other variables like how long it takes for you to return your documents once they have been posted to you, the faster you return them, the quicker you may recieve your compensation payout from your claim.

Is there anything that can stop you from making a whiplash compensation claim?

There are things that can stand in the way of you making a claim for whiplash compensation such as whether or not the incident itself was actually your fault, if the accident was not your fault and the accident itself has been within the last 72 Months, (provided you were in the vehicle at the point of collision, then you should be eligable for the compensation claim.)

What does the term “Whiplash” actually mean?

The word “whiplash” is normally used to describe the neck injury that results from a rear end collision, this is usually when a car is not moving and another car goes into the back of it.

In plain English, whiplash is the term used to describe a soft tissue injury to the neck area when you are involved in a minor car collision.

The pain that comes from that can last anything from a few days, weeks, months, even years.

It is the severity of the injury, that dictates the amount of money that is won, in this particular claims sector.

Is it easy to claim compensation for whiplash? **

Starting a claim for whiplash compensation with us is easy! (provided your situation meets our basic requirements).
All that is nessesary is that you fill in our online claim form to the right of the page and hit submit, the rest will be taken care of by us and you may relax in the knowledge that your compensation claim is being handled by some experienced professionals – and it is done on a “no win no fee” basis.

How likely am I to actually win compensation for whiplash?

It is highly likely that if you put in a claim for whiplash neck injury (given that your case meets our criteria), you will win the claim for it, because a high of cases of road traffic neck injury are actually approved as a viable compensation claim (provided they meet certain criteria that the compensation claim solicitor will discuss with you).

It is for this reason above all else, that if you have suffered neck injury as a result of any occurrence or incident at all that was not your fault, you may wish to consider putting in a claim for compensation instead of suffering in silence.

What can stop you from making a successful whiplash compensation claim?

If your injury has been over three years passed, this may or may not stop you from having a successful claim, also if the accident was not the result of an action from a third party, i.e if your injury was by your own fault this may nullify any claim, and also if you were not actually in the vehicle at the time of the accident, for obvious reasons this will not count as a valid compensation claim.

What is the average whiplash payout settlement?

This really depends on the severity of your case usually it works to this scale*

Whiplash Compensation pay scales **

  • £750 to £2,500 if you manage to recover within a year of the accident
  • £2,500 to £4,250 if you recover within 2 yrs
  • £4,250 to £7,750 (with a slow recovery, that has a lasting vunerability)
  • £7,750 to £13,750 if you are perminantly suffering the effects of whiplash Injury.

Generally the average compensation for whiplash will reside around the above figures should an individual decide to claim.

Us and our associates handle your claim with as much care and attention to detail as possible.

The sooner you apply for whiplash compensation the quicker you can find out if you have a valid whiplash claim for compensation

* Subject to insurance, other costs may be payable.

** Please be aware that not all claims will be successful and that not all successful claims will result in the amount shown the average compensation may vary depending on personal circumstances.

In the unlikely event that you have a complaint please visit our complaints page


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