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Can whiplash injuries be prevented

Can whiplash injuries be prevented?

Whiplash injuries can be prevented to a reasonable degree, there are certain precautionary measures that can be implemented that aim to prevent this particular type of injury.

Head restraints can be fitted to car seats to prevent the backwards whipping motion that is instrumental to whiplash, although commonly these restraints are not fitted correctly on the seat so that they may not have the desired effect if poorly adjusted: it is always important to follow the instructions with such apparatus.

These instruments however can sometimes make driving slightly less comfortable as it restricts movement by not allowing the head to move backwards into the head rest.

There is also a system known as the head and neck rest system (HANS system) that is commonly implemented to prevent whiplash injury befalling racing car drivers.

Whiplash that comes from other eventualities such as sport are much harder to prevent as there appears to be no specific equipment or apparel to prevent the injury, although it is advised that due care and attention to surroundings at all times when participating in sports both collision and contact sports and non contact.

In no way is this information or any of the medical literature on this site intended to be a substitute for qualified medical advice.

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