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Criteria for making a whiplash compensation claim

What is the criteria for making a whiplash compensation claim?

This page is to inform anyone who is interested in making a claim for whiplash, and wants to know the criteria for making a claim before they make a decision, so that they are well informed.

First, the accident itself must have been in the past 6 years, this is imperative to claims companies because to go any further back would make it much harder to run any form of investigation.

Next, the whiplash incident itself should not have been your fault, so, if the accident itself was a result of something you have done, the result of your own careless driving or in some other way your fault then unfortunatley your claim will be void, and thus you will not be able to claim compensation for whiplash injury.

Another factor is that the injury itself must be a real injury as any form of fraudulent claims or hoaxes will not be tolerated by any claims company whatsover, you would be well advised to ensure that it is clear in your mind that your injury is indeed a real injury, and this will maximise the chances of a successful payout.

Another important thing to remember which many people do not is that you must actually be inside the car at the time of collision, as if you are not then you cannot make a claim due to not actually suffering the injury.

Please pay heed to the above information.

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