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Different Medical Aspects of whiplash injury

Different Medical Aspects of whiplash injury

This page is about the different medical aspects of whiplash injury and is here to inform anyone who has suffered from whiplash about the different aspects of whiplash from a medical perspective.

Whiplash injury is often called “cervical whiplash” this is basically whiplash injury in it’s standard form,
as whiplash is in actuality a cervical injury of the neck and spine.

-Spinal trauma, this can happen in some rare cases of whiplash, if you feel your particular case of neck injury is severe, medical attention must be sought immediately.

-In any case a sufferer of whiplash should immediately seek the help of a medical professional, to undergo an examination, this is important because it is not always obvious that there is something very serious in terms of the severity, or the extent of the actual whiplash itself.

-Muscular strain, the muscles around the neck in most cases are hyperextended or strained, this is very normal in a case of whiplash, but as with any injury it is worth going to your general practitioner to clarify whether or not it is serious.

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