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The Different grades of whiplash associated disorder

The Different grades of whiplash associated disorder

This page is dedicated to providing whiplash sufferers or any such person looking for information on the subject of whiplash injury with some information on the different grades that aim to guage the severity of whiplash injuries.

These were defined by the Quebec task force on Whiplash associated disorders.

Grade 0: This is the least severe grade, with no noticeable trace of injury, no neck pain or limited movement to the neck or head.

Grade 1: Minor complaint of Neck pain and stiffness, no major physical indications of whiplash neck injury.

Grade 2: A noticeable restriction in range of motion and complaint of neck stiffness

Grade 3: Deficiency of the senses in the surrounding areas and feelings of weakness around the neck.

Grade 4 : The most severe form of whiplash injury complaint, injury to the spinal cord, and fractures to the bones in the surrounding area.

This information is useful to know if an individual wishes to have an idea into the severity of their own case of whiplash before they start a claim, however in any given case of whiplash it is a nessesity that the individual seek the advice of a trained medical practitioner whether or not it is their intention to make a claim for such an injury.

In no way is this article intended to any degree whatsoever to replace the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.

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