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What Is Whiplash?

What is actually meant by the term Whiplash?

The term “Whiplash” refers to the neck injury that is often incurred when an individual is involved in any given type of “collision” which cases the neck to snap backwards in a “whipping” motion hence the term “whiplash”.

When is whiplash most likely to take place?

The most often occurance of whiplash injury appears to be in cases of minor car accidents where a relatively low-velocity collison has occured possibly from the rear end of the car (although it can come from the front-end) and again it has caused this whip-like motion to the neck and sprained the soft tissues.

Does whiplash injury take a long time to heal?

The good news is that whiplash is usually healed relatively fast and it is very rare that a long term injury be incurred from it, although there are the exceptional few cases of whiplash injury where individuals take longer than 12 months to recover from it, but this is only in extreme cases.

Can I make a claim for whiplash injury?

If it is your wish to make a claim for whiplash you may do so here: Make a whiplash claim

Just fill in the 30 second online form and the relevant legal representative will contact you to discuss the circumstances of your accident and, should you choose, to start the claims process.

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