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What to do in the event of a Whiplash Injury

What to do in the event of a Whiplash Injury

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  • In the Event of a whiplash injury – the first step is to you should seek medical attention at the first possible opportunity if the injury is severe enough it may be nessesary to call an ambulance, especially if the subject is in a state of shock.
  • While you wait for the appropriate medical attention from a trained professional, a cold compress would be helpful to reduce swelling and inflammation around the shoulders and the neck area.
  • Once you receive the appropriate medical attention, you may decide that it is in your interests to seek legal advice to make a possible compensation claim for whiplash injury.If this is the case then you should visit in order to start proceedings for a claim for compensation.
  • Once you have completed the fast online form a trained professional will get to you at the time that you specified at the time of filling out the form, to ask you a series of questions in relation to the incident itself, you may also be asked whether or not you have seen a medical professional for their opinion and diagnosis.
  • This will set the ball rolling for your claim, and pending a short investigation the legal team will get back to you after a certain period of time to let you know whether or not you have a viable case for a compensation claim.

Should you decide to make a claim with our associates – we would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck with your potential claim, and we give you our assurance that our partners will handle your claim with as much care and as timely as possible.

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