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  • No Upfront Costs
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  • Expert Whiplash Claims Solicitors
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Whiplash accident claims

Whiplash accident claims – No win No fee

Make a whiplash accident claim with us – No win No fee

Whiplash accidents are one of the most commonly encountered types of accident nationwide, but wherever there has been a whiplash accident we can help the sufferers make a claim for compensation.

Our compensation claim services operate on a No win No fee basis: which means you, the client do not pay a penny unless the case is a success and turns into a successful accident claim.

The average compensation claim for whiplash injury is dependant on the severity of the case of whiplash but usual compensation scales are something in the region of 2500 GBP, but there are cases where with severe neck/spinal injury the compensation payouts have run into the tens of thousands.

The whiplash accident claims process

The first steps is to contact a solicitor : either through this site or another like it, or through whatever medium you choose, and talk about your current circumstances, the accident that took place and how you were affected by it physically and mentally, this part is an important part of your whiplash accident claim.

Okay, so what is the next step in my accident claim for whiplash?

The next step is for the solicitor to ascertain whether or not this case is going to become a successful accident claim, once this is established by the personal injury solicitor they can then get back to you with the knowledge of whether or not your accident claim will be a success

The last step is for you to either accept the settlement figure as offered in the case of a successful claim or should you believe that your claim is worth more than the out of court settlement you can set the proceedings for another hearing.

What are the chances of winning the whiplash accident claim?

Provided the accident itself was not your fault and it took place in the last 6 years, the accident claim should be a success and all being well you should have your whiplash claim payout.

The amount you win depends on how bad the injury is, the worse the injury the higher the payout for the claim itself.

To start a whiplash accident claim : complete the form at the top of the page.

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