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  • No Win No Fee
  • Expert Whiplash Claims Solicitors
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  • Years Of Experience Dealing With Whiplash

Whiplash Claim

Whiplash Claim – Make a fast whiplash claim with us

We have a 3 Step whiplash claims process:-

  • Fill in our online claim form (takes 30 seconds)
  • Speak to our whiplash claim solicitor (takes a couple of minutes)
  • Relax, you claim is being handled by some of the best accident claim solicitors in the industry.

The first step in any whiplash claim is to determine exactly whether or not you have a whiplash injury.

If you feel a pain in your neck and you shoulders and upper back, after a small car accident, there is a high chance you may have indeed suffered from whiplash itself, but it is always good practice to check with a general practitioner first.

Making a whiplash claim

Once you have properly diagnosed as to whether or not you have whiplash, the next stage is to decide whether or not you wish to make a claim.
If you do not make a claim, you will never know whether or not you were entitled to compensation.
If you do make a claim, you never know, you might just be entitled to compensation for whiplash.

First step to making your whiplash claim

So Assuming you do wish to make a claim for whiplash, what is the first step?
The first step is to search for a reputable company to deliver you the legal services you require.

We may be able to help you on your way to a successful claim.
All that you have to do to make an enquiry is fill in that 30 second online form to the right of the page in full, and one of our representatives will contact you at the time that you specify when you fill in the form.

Okay i’ve filled in the claim form, what is the next step for my claim?

When our representatives contact you for the first time, they will ask you some simple questions about the nature of the claim, this is nothing to worry about, all you must do is just be honest with them, about the nature of your whiplash injury, and whether or not you want to make a claim.

They will then investigate what happened and after a certain period of time our partner solicitors will be able to come back to you with whether or not you have a viable case for a claim, our services are No Win No Fee.

WE wish you every success in your claim.

Anything else I should know about my claim for whiplash?

Once you have completed the above steps you can relax safe in the knowledge that you case is being handled by some experienced whiplash claim solicitors in the business to get you the injury compensation that you may be entitled to and 100% no win no fee.

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