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Whiplash Claims Advice

Whiplash Claims Advice

To find out if you qualify for making a claim, use our claim test

If you have suffered whiplash injury this page is aimed at individuals such as yourself.

In the event that you suffer from a whiplash injury the first step in any case is to seek the advice of a medical professional, you will need an idea of how severe your whiplash injury actually is.

The next stage is to contact a compensation claims broker (such as us) or a legal company, to make enquiries about making a claim for whiplash.

Once you have contacted the claims company the legal representative in most cases will contact you at the time you specified (if you filled in an online form) or if you phoned the claims firm direct they would most likely arrange a call back with you.

At this stage it is important to have the situation and the events that led up to your accident, and the circumstances of the accident itself fresh and clear in your mind, as this will most likely be the questions that the legal representative will have for you at the time that they contact you.

When the legal representative does speak to you there would then be a short investigation and after this it would be time for the legal representative to come back to you with an answer as to whether or not your case can be moved forward, or if the case is not a viable claim.

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